Cryptocurrency (See wallets Below page)

We won’t explain in detail how to use cryptocurrency on this page. Please use one of the many that you can find online.

But please pay attention to the important points below:

  • Always buy more cryptocurrency than you think you need (around 2% more) to compensate for exchange fluctuation.
  • You can buy cryptocurrency (for a relatively high fee) with a credit card at some exchanges, e.g CEX.IO.
  • Sending directly from the exchange is not recommended. This can cause issues regarding high fees or longer withdrawal times.
  • Always store your cryptocurrency on a wallet that you directly control (i.e. you have access to the private keys). An exchange is not a suitable wallet. We recommend Electrum for Bitcoin.
  • Never send cryptocurrency to an expired address. There is a time limit for payment of each order at FreshChems – please ensure you make a note of this.
  • Always send to the unique address generated specifically for the order. Sending to prior addresses will cause serious delays and may result in the loss of cryptocurrency.
  • Be sure to send, at a minimum, the amount requested at checkout. If you send too little, your order will be severely delayed.
  • If you send too much cryptocurrency, we will consider it a tip for our excellent service. We will not refund the difference.
  • Your order will be automatically updated when the payment is completed. You need to notify us of the completed payment via email.

    Before sending your payment, please give it some thought.

    If you change your mind after sending payment but before the order is shipped, Aqua Fish Depot will cancel your order and give you a shop coupon (shop credit) that you can use for one or more purchases.

    Aqua Fish Depot is in no way required to give back crypto payments. Shop credit will always be the standard way to give a refund.

    Depending on where you are, we may sometimes agree to refund a bank wire. The bank will never send a refund to a different bank account than the one that was used to send the payment.

    We can’t take back or refund any crypto payments that have already been made. These are automatically taken out of the payment processor fee and network fees, sent to our exchanger, turned into FIAT, and sent to our bank account.


Bitcoin (BTC): 
Ethereum (ETH): 

NB: Always copy and paste wallets to avoid errors!